Our projects are bespoke, intelligence-led and deliver our Clients the strategic advantage they demand, enabling them to utilise resources in the most efficient manner possible. Our Clients can rest assured that their assets - be them persons, property or other interests - are secured or recovered in the most appropriate manner.


We strongly believe that it is people who create problems and it is within people that solutions can be found.  Our core modus operandi is to engage with the right people, either overtly or discretely, to obtain the results our clients demand.  

We often operate in challenging environments and in cultures that are unfamiliar to our Clients. Following our humanist principles, all of our projects are undertaken with the utmost discretion and respect for the local conditions and communities in which we operate.

We will always deliver promised results, on time and on budget. 

All of our security, private investigations and intelligence, HUMINT and covert surveillance personnel are former government service professionals - true experts in their field.

Our operations and training projects are entirely confidential, ethically and legally sound and designed with the Client in mind.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act (Z 1168 116). We also fully comply with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIP(S)A) 2000, FCPA, UK Bribery Acts and the Human Rights Act (HRA) (1998). Clients can be confident that the results of our investigations can be used in future proceedings.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.