Specialist Kidnap Avoidance & Hostage Survival Training

We have assisted many organisations, NGOs and businesses in the development and exercising of their kidnap, contingency and crisis response planning. Offering such training to your employees gives them confidence in their role and serves to mitigate against identified risk.

Hostage Negotiation

We deploy trainers worldwide to provide bespoke theoretical and/or practical training to individuals or groups who may be the likely first responders to a hostage or kidnap scenario.



Counter Intelligence

At Athena Intelligence we offer high grade counter intelligence / counter surveillance training to corporate security teams. From our location in Glasgow, we deploy training teams worldwide and at short notice to meet Client requirements.

Human Intelligence & Atmospherics Training

We deploy experienced personnel worldwide to train client security teams to discreetly or covertly collect critical information (including area 'atmospherics') through the secure cultivation, recruitment and handling of confidential informants.


Leadership & Team Development Training

Our programmes are designed to meet specific Client training objectives and can last as long or as short as required.  They can be a combination of classroom based exercises as well as practical outdoor training. 

Hostile Environment

Our Hostile Environment and Personal Security (HEPS) training course gives the individual businessman, journalist, NGO or contractor, and their associated organisation, the tools to avoid and survive situations that might otherwise result in catastrophe.