VIP Protection and Residential Security

We provide low profile VIP protection and residential security services.  Our areas of operation to date include the UK, Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Counter Intelligence & Counter Surveillance 

Our services allow Clients to conduct their business with the reassurance that their actions are not under the scrutiny of those who may wish them harm.


Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Advisory

We provide professional advisory services during this difficult period. Our specialised personnel and hostage/crisis response negotiators deploy worldwide in response to Client need to provide the required resilience and expertise.

Covert Surveillance and Electronic Tracking

We operate worldwide to provide discreet and covert surveillance services to confirm or deny, and subsequently evidence, Client suspicions.


Covert & Discreet

We utilise a variety of techniques including surveillance, undercover operations, human intelligence, source handling and other recognised investigative approaches to conduct bespoke private investigations.

To date, we have undertaken invesigation projects in more than 40 countries including some extremely challenging jurisdictions.

Electronic Security Services & Penetration Testing

With the correct software and training, it is a relatively simple feat to obtain or install electronic data that may be commercially or personally embarassing.

We provide a number of services to give our Clients piece of mind regarding their Electronic security and Online Profile.


Security Consultancy & Specialist Research 

We deploy worldwide to provide the best security consultancy, risk advisory, asset recovery and specialist research services.  Our services are underpinned by a detailed investigative report and face to face Client briefings.


Our Specialist Recruitment services offer confidence, to all parties, that the position is as advertised and that the candidate meets, or exceeds, the Person Specification.