Counter Intelligence, Counter Surveillance &
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Hostile entities will all conduct their planning based on sound intelligence, often gained by employing technical or physical surveillance. We offer a bespoke counter intelligence advisory service which will deny your rivals/hostile groups and individuals the information they seek.  These services operate alongside existing Client security personnel/protocols and may include:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Government standard electronic sweeps and physical searches of Client premises and property to detect technical eavesdropping devices, or ‘bugs’
  • Protective Counter-Surveillance/Surveillance Detection teams to detect covert, physical surveillance on a Client. Our protective counter-surveillance consultants are amongst the most highly skilled in the UK security sector. If a Client is the subject of hostile surveillance, we will detect it, evidence it and then advise accordingly on the next steps
  • Red Team Testing and Physical Security Surveys to identify shortfalls in security measures that may be exploited by an intelligence gathering, hostile entity.  

Our services allow Clients to conduct their business with the reassurance that their actions are not under the scrutiny of those who may wish them harm.

Please contact us to discuss your specific intelligence requirements.