Covert Surveillance & Electronic Tracking

Athena Intelligence operate worldwide to provide an unparalleled surveillance service to our clients. We offer discreet and covert surveillance services to confirm or deny, and subsequently evidence, Client suspicions. We will design and implement covert rural and urban surveillance operations, encompassing combinations of static, foot, mobile and technical surveillance techniques.

We are accomplished experts in the conduct of operations relating to employee fraud, smuggling, animal cruelty, illegal waste (fly tipping), organised and significant stock theft and anti-social behaviour. 

Our reporting is of Government standard and our evidence admissible in court.

We fully comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, HRA, RIPA and RIP(S)A 2000.

Our services provide reassurance to our Clients in the event of perceived or actual threats to the security of themselves, their business or their property.

Please contact us to discuss your specific surveillance requirements.