Electronic Security Services & Penetration Testing

With the correct software and training, it is a relatively simple feat to obtain or install electronic data that may be commercially or personally embarrassing. Such activities may lead to identity fraud or the theft of confidential company data, potentially destroying a business as customer confidence collapses.

Athena Intelligence provides the following services to give our Clients piece of mind regarding their electronic security and online profile:

Online Profile Cleansing

Employers, clients or family form an opinion of you through what you, or third parties, may post online. Once articles are published, it is extremely difficult to remove them. We provide our Clients with services to remove damaging online articles and minimise the harmful effects to employment or business interests.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our Consultants visit your premises and conduct a complete IT site security survey. Dependant upon the assessed threat, we may then recommend upgrades to your existing security measures and procedures and, if required, project manage any subsequent installation.

Penetration Testing

We assess Client IT security, under strict testing protocols, by attempting to penetrate their electronic defences. Dependant upon the assessed threat, we produce a report recommending any upgrades to your existing security measures and project manage any subsequent digital or procedural enhancements.

Please contact us to discuss your specific electronic security requirements.