Hostile Environment Training

Globalisation has resulted in many individuals, business owners, NGOs, journalists and contractors, working in environments and cultures that are completely alien to them. Most people would not consider entering a work situation at home, much less overseas, unless they were adequately trained, prepared and their company had taken measures to ensure that identified risks have been minimised.

Athena Intelligence delivers bespoke, high quality training to teams operating in high risk areas.

Our Hostile Environment and Personal Security (HEPS) training course gives the individual business person, journalist, NGO or contractor and their associated organisation, the tools to avoid and survive situations that might otherwise result in catastrophe.

Our residential training courses are taught by former UK Special Duties personnel who have many years combined experience of working in some of the worlds most challenging locations. Training is a combination of classroom and practical exercises and is designed to maximise participation from all delegates. This is NOT a military course.  It is a course designed for civilians, delivered by highly skilled, ex-military personnel.

Training is provided in realistic, austere environments and incorporates where required, firearms introductory training, first aid, combat survival, kidnap avoidance/hostage survival and off-road driving.

The skills taught on this course saves lives. 

Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.