Human Intelligence & Atmospherics Training

Athena Intelligence deploys experienced personnel worldwide to train client security teams to discreetly or covertly collect critical information (including area 'atmospherics') through the secure cultivation, recruitment and handling of confidential informants.

Our aim is to train the handling team to meet with, debrief and drop off the source without compromise. 

The programmes are long depending upon the Client requirement (up to 4 months duration, although these can be modularised as required) and physically and mentally arduous. To maximise student success rates, we offer advice on appropriate pre-course selection procedures.

The covert Human Intelligence Training (HUMINT) programme includes methods of meeting/pick up, debriefing techniques, behavioural symptoms analysis, atmospherics assessments, cultivation and recruitment and many other modules depending upon the likely deployment scenario.

We also offer further specialist intelligence collection/counter-intelligence and influence operations training programmes to appropriate Clients.  Such courses are designed as either student based or train the trainer courses.

Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.