Specialist Kidnap Avoidance & Hostage Survival Training

Kidnap is a lucrative business. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 reported kidnappings worldwide per annum. Economic kidnapping is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, generating an estimated $500m each year in ransom payments. 

Kidnappers fall into many varying categories and their motivations are often blurred. It is critical that the correct techniques are employed by captives and crisis management teams to maximise the chances of a safe and speedy recovery of the kidnapped individual.

From our Glasgow location, we deploy expert kidnap avoidance and hostage survival trainers worldwide to provide bespoke theoretical and/or practical training to individuals or groups who work or live in a environment where they are at risk of being taken hostage.

Subject matter includes not just how to survive being a hostage through the use of coping mechanisms, but also how to avoid the risk of being taken in the first place. We also train an organisation's first responders and crisis management teams to ensure that, by action or omission, they do not unwittingly worsen a kidnap, ransom or extortion (KRE) incident.

We have also assisted many organisations, NGOs and businesses in the development and exercising of their kidnap contingency/crisis response planning.

Offering such training to your employees gives them confidence in their role and serves to mitigate against identified risk.

Please contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.